CBD Case Studies

Few industries stand to benefit from blockchain technology more than the wine and spirits business. The promise of blockchain is that of an immutable record of business transactions, distributed among multiple computers so as to prevent tampering with the data. The system looks to be of particular value to industries that are highly regulated and […]

Marijuana businesses are generally having trouble getting and maintaining steady streams of credit from financial institutions. And to fill the void, there are some financial entities that are stepping up. In another arena, the political one, Representative Andy Barr of Kentucky, during a House Financial Services Committee hearing, raised the issue of the difficulty that […]

An Ottawa pot shop is being forced to significantly reduce its hours because it’s consistently running out of cannabis and says the province won’t allow it to increase its order. The Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store on Bank Street, which was operating seven days a week for 14 hours a day, will now close early on Tuesdays and […]

Even before the vote on the 2018 Farm Bill, the industry was swirling with talk of the implications of the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol — CBD. Many conversations focused on CBD-infused edibles and their mass availability, not only online or in dispensaries, but also in big supermarkets and retail chains. The CBD products […]

The number of people caught attempting to smuggle cannabis in California flights has significantly increased. Los Angeles International Airport officials alone report to have experienced a 166% rise in interstate cannabis trafficking from 2016 when marijuana got legalized for recreational use. It looks like more high flyers are relaxed about trying to get marijuana through […]

Zola, a plant-based beverage maker, was acquired last week from the KarpReilly investment group by Caliva, a California-based cannabis company. The acquisition will help Caliva in broadening their vertically-integrated cannabis business that produces vape, flower and oil products into now making beverages. Accessing the established retail distribution network and the research and development team of […]