Why the popularity of these Australian cannabis clinics is soaring

It’s one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses but its premises are among the lowest profile in the country.

For, while customer numbers are going up 1000 per cent year-on-year, Southern Cannabis Holdings doesn’t advertise the exact addresses of its five medicinal cannabis clinics in Australia and one in New Zealand, as well as another newly opened in the United Kingdom.

“We started off listing where our clinics are, but now we don’t,” said company founder and director Tim Drury. “We had a lot of people walking in and asking to see a doctor so they could have some cannabis.

Patients at one of the medicinal cannabis clinics in Sydney, run by Southern Cannabis Holdings. Photo: Supplied

“But we only take patients on referral from their local GP, so we talk to patients by phone or email first and take it from there.”


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