Although it is legal to use dagga-derived CBD here’s what you need to know

Webber Wentzel partner, lawyer Megan Adderley explain the legalities of using products containing compound Cannabidiol.

Government has made great strides in making products containing cannabis-derived compound Cannabidiol (CBD) more accessible to the public.

Webber Wentzel partner, lawyer Megan Adderley, speaks to CapeTalk’s Kieno Kammies about the recent changes made by the Department of Health and the legalities for obtaining such products.

She says from 23 May 2019 a notice was published which exempt CBD from certain medical regulations.

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This means it can be sold as over the counter drug as long as it meets certain pre-refinement requirements.

Megan Adderley, Partner – Webber Wentzel

All products must contain a maximum daily dose of 20mg of CBD or less and the product

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