It just became legal for anyone to deal in dagga-derived CBD

Cannabidiol now falls entirely outside of drug regulations. Africa Melane interviews Andre du Plessis (Cannabis Working Group).

Dealing of products containing the compound Cannabidiol (CBD) – derived from dagga – is now entirely legal, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced on Thursday.

Anybody may now buy and sell CBD containing products, without prescription.

CBD is not addictive and doesn’t have dangerous side-effects.

It is widely used to treat a variety of ailments.

One specific molecule of cannabis is now legal to trade in… It’s very strange… How do you grow Cannabis plants with only one molecule in it? It’s totally impractical… I think they should do the same for all molecules in Cannabis…

Andre du Plessis, Chairperson – Cannabis Working Group

The plant itself doesn’t need to be scheduled…

Andre du

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