Is Vaping Marijuana Safe? Deaths and Lung Disease Linked to E-Cigs Call That Into Question

Vaping THC may be behind many of the serious lung diseases that have been tied to e-cigarette use––raising concerns about an increasingly popular way of consuming marijuana, which many consumers view as a relatively safe habit.

Up to 450 people have developed illnesses and at least four people have died after using e-cigarettes, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials said on a call with reporters Friday. While the CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not found a device, product or substance that is linked to all cases, a paper published Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that many sick individuals vaped THC, a compound in marijuana, before developing an illness, either instead of or in addition to nicotine. CDC and public-health officials confirmed this finding.

The investigation threatens to shatter many people’s perceptions of marijuana as safe

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