The Legal Landscape For Medical Marijuana: Interview With SIVA CEO

ValueWalk’s interview with Avis Bulbulyan, the CEO of SIVA Enterprises. In this interview, Avis discusses federal and state laws regarding marijuana products, the legal landscape for medical marijuana, funding for recreational marijuana companies, activity in the venture capital space, U.S. companies listing on Canadian Securities Exchange, his views on companies like Aphira, the CBD space, and the future of weed industry in America.

Landscape For Medical Marijuana

gjbmiller / Pixabay

How do you navigate the different federal and state laws regarding marijuana products?

Navigating Federal is pretty straight forward, it’s illegal and not much to navigate other than staying within each individual state regulations or going public on the Canadian exchange. As for state regulations, they’re fairly straight forward.  Generally, if something is not expressly excluded or addressed in regulations, it’s open

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