Four Considerations for Exit Packaging

In his role as managing partner of Revolution Brands, a food branding company, Glenn Backus’ job was to—as the company’s name may suggest—revolutionize everyday products. He helped develop an instant, single-serve form of steel-cut oatmeal, Rambling Oat Co., and an alternative to sugary drinks for children, Protein Kids Super Juice. Backus says he’s taking a similar approach to innovation as the president of Mission, a Chicago-based, multistate dispensary company.

Backus, who stepped down as managing partner but continues to serve as co-owner of the brand-development agency, became president of Mission dispensaries in January. While Backus is new to the cannabis industry, he sees similarities to his previous roles in the food and beverage sector. “I’ve had the ability to incrementally improve the lives of millions of people across the country every day, whether in my path through healthier food, or better or more convenient options,

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