Marijuana May Help With PTSD But It’s All Anecdotes At This Point

Though “medical” marijuana has long been available to much of the public, to the medical community it’s been a joke. For example, over 60 percent of pain patients are older women, but the majority of medical marijuana users who got it for pain were young men. It’s a nice non-specific system on a subjective scale so it became an easy route to get legal access to a drug.

And it is a drug, it does things to receptors, but what they are really accomplishing is unclear.

Some of the reason marijuana hasn’t been better studied is because it’s a Kafka-type headache to get government approval to study it. No one has felt the pain of Byzantine social authoritarian government practices like the marijuana research community. It’s almost as difficult as getting permission to study smallpox in your basement.

The government has begun to ease up on that, promising standards

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