Current places bets on cannabis lighting in distribution deal

With high hopes for the cannabis market, GE’s former lighting company Current has struck a distribution deal with Hort Americas to sell Current’s latest LED grow light.

Current introduced the Arize Element Top Light last month in Amsterdam, billing it as “the industry’s first one-for-one LED replacement for 1000W high-pressure sodium (HPS) products.”

Now the distribution deal with Fort Worth, TX-based Hort Americas marks the light’s commercial arrival in North America, “including the booming regulated cannabis growing industry,” Current pointed out in a press release announcing the partnership.

Hort Americas is Current’s exclusive North American distributor, and is encouraged by the marijuana prospects for LED technology, which it says yields plants with higher THC and CBD (tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol — the active chemicals in the cannabis plants) than do HPS lamps. THC is generally associated with

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