Neuro-oncology, Functional Medicine, and Medical Cannabis in Brazil


(This transcript has been slightly edited for linguistic clarity)

Project CBD: I’m Martin Lee with Project CBD, and today we’re having another edition of Cannabis Conversations. Our guest is Dr. Paula Dall’Stella. She is a physician in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We’re going to talk about her practice, which involves something called ‘functional medicine.’ So maybe you can explain to us, Dr. Dall’Stella, what is functional medicine and how does cannabis, or cannabis therapeutics, relate to that?

Dall’Stella: First of all, it’s a pleasure to be here, Martin, your work in the Project CBD is amazing. Congratulations.

Project CBD: Thank you.

Dall’Stella: Yes, I work with functional medicine. It’s an area of medicine that we, as doctors, are searching for what is wrong in the lifestyle of the patient. Science is showing us that 80 percent of disease is very related to our lifestyle and less related to our genes. So

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