Cannabinoid group uses blockchain to conduct clinical trials on CBD

Kwon Yong-hyun (second from left), president of the Korean Cannabinoid Association, explains a pilot project for conducting clinical trials into medical hemp, at the Press Center, central Seoul, Friday.

The Korean Cannabinoid Association (KCA) announced its plan to launch a pilot project that would conduct clinical trials concerning cannabidiol (CBD), at a news conference in Seoul, Monday.

The KCA, formerly known as Organization of Legalizing Medical Cannabis in Korea, will conduct the project through Prasm, an AI-based decentralized bioinformatic network that uses blockchain technology.

“Due to the prejudice that hemp is a drug, Korean medical society had been reluctant to conduct any clinical studies that could prove the therapeutic benefits of medical hemp,” said Kwon Yong-hyun, director of Prasm and president of the KCA. “We are aware that the majority of the public is concerned about people abusing marijuana if it becomes legalized for medicinal use.”

The KCA hopes to dissolve such concern through

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