Can CBD help treat health conditions or is it the placebo effect?

The popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD) has surged, not just in the food and beverage industry, but across many other sectors, due to consumer beliefs that it can help treat certain aliments and illnesses. But many are questioning these claims, suggesting further investigation over CBD’s effects and perceived benefits are required.

Cannabidiol or CBD is the buzz word of 2019. In fact, in the US around 40 percent of adults (aged 21+) have stated that they would be keen to experience CBD “under the right conditions”, according to study from High Yield Insights.

With health and wellness a key trend in the food and beverage sector, many consumers are keen to try CBD, which has been suggested to have properties that help reduce pain and anxiety and even certain cognition and movement disorders. Seeing the demand for CBD, the food and beverage sector have responded, producing a range of CBD-containing goods. 

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