Highlight on Aurora: Canada to Become Cream of the Cannabis Crop for Years to Come

Cam Battley heads Aurora, one of the most prominent cannabis companies based in Canada. Battley reportedly spoke with CBD Testers at the Canadian Cannabis Capital Markets Conference in London, and shared that he sees cannabis as being around for years to come, considering its therapeutic benefits and how such benefits alter the way drugs are prescribed in Canada and worldwide.

He further shared with CBD Testers,

“It is happening very fast, cannabis – starting with medical cannabis – is what I would call a global mega-trend; a rapid change in law, society and business, that is sweeping the world. For that reason there are now more than 40 countries that have medical cannabis or are in the process of implementing it. It’s happening very fast and it’s happening for a good reason – its therapeutic utility is becoming clear to physicians and to patients.”

Canada introduced its medical cannabis program in

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