With an Autoimmune Disease, Fear of a Measles Outbreak Is Real

Few things scare me. I mean, truly frighten me to my core. While I flee from bees and scream at spiders, I have been both stung and bitten. Scary movies, no matter how asinine, freak me out. Being alone in the dark invokes vivid imagination. Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers. These frivolous fears do not change the way I live my life.

Then there are those that do. Among them is a predator unlike any other. Invisible yet virulent. My immune system is a perfect host for this beast to invade. I am indeed scared.

The beast is measles.

As the number of outbreaks increases, so do my fears. Measles is a highly contagious virus. It is one of the most communicable diseases and can be spread through skin-to-skin contact, saliva, or by touching an infected area. Additionally, measles is airborne, and one can catch the virus through respiratory droplets.

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