Financial, Organizational Implications of Physician Burnout Reviewed

Physician burnout affects not only the quality of patient care but also leads to a significant financial burden on both a national and organizational level, according to study results published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers sought to create a model to estimate burnout-associated costs, particularly in relation to physician turnover and the reduction in clinical hours. Investigators made estimates through cost-consequence analysis via a mathematical model.

The cost-consequence analysis stratified physicians into one of 6 segments that included 2 age groups (55 years and ≥55 years) and 3 specialty groups (primary care, surgical, and other specialties). Segment sizes matched the distribution of US physicians provided in the 2013 American Medical Association Physician Masterfile. Researchers estimated prevalence of burnout using data from a 2014 survey of 6880 physicians and examined 2 cost components: the cost of replacing a physician and the lost income from unfilled positions.

Researchers estimated that approximately $4.6 billion

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