Philips developing augmented-reality navigation for minimally invasive surgeries

Philips revealed Thursday that it is developing a new surgical system that uses augmented reality to guide surgeons performing open and minimally invasive spinal surgery. The system combines external and internal images of the patient in real time to guide these procedures.

Open spinal surgery requires large incisions that allow surgeons to see and touch the patient’s spine. But minimally invasive procedures, performed through small incisions in the skin, have been on the rise as they reduce blood loss and soft tissue damage, thereby lessening postoperative pain. But the nature of these procedures limits visibility, so surgeons need real-time imaging and navigation to guide them.

Philips’ platform combines external views of the patient, captured by cameras and internal imaging, acquired by low-dose X-ray, in a three-dimensional view of the patient’s anatomy, according to a statement. This provides surgeons conducting minimally invasive procedures with a real-time view of the patient’s spine relative

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