Addiction Labs of America to Conduct Pharmacogenetics Test for Cannabis, Cannabinoids (CBD)

The Addiction Labs of America is in the initial stages of developing a pharmacogenetics test for cannabis and its products like cannabidiol (CBD). A quarter of American adults are estimated to be taking some form of CBD, and new research by the American Journal of Psychiatry is touting the possible benefits of cannabis for opioid use disorder.

Dr. Mark Calarco, the CEO of the Addiction Labs of America, said that it is critical for them to know how people based on their different genetic makeup metabolize or process cannabis or CBD. He claims that at the moment, there is a lot of guesswork plus trial and error. The CEO went on to say that although several persons benefit both recreationally and medically from cannabis products, it is clear that a subset of the population can get addicted to the herb and experience psychiatric symptoms like schizophrenia-like behavior or paranoia.

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