Cancer, Lung Health and Pain: Colorado’s Clinical Marijuana Studies

Despite the federal government’s hesitance to accept the plant’s medical benefits, data from the National Library of Medicine shows America is home to nearly 60 percent of this 304 clinical marijuana studies going on around the world.

Virtually all of the 180 active clinical studies in the country are researching marijuana’s potential medical benefits or health effects, such as how cannabinoids treat HIV-related neuropathic pain. Others are less serious, like the Battelle Memorial Institute’s upcoming study, “Laboratory Smoking of Marijuana Blunts,” which compares different flavored tobacco papers’ product appeal and abuse liability…by having subjects smoke blunts.

It’s important to note that a clinical study listed by the NLM doesn’t mean the federal government has evaluated or approved the study’s validity; the NLM places the responsibility of a study’s validity on the researchers and sponsors. Still, at least 68 current clinical studies about the cannabis plant are sponsored by the feds — the

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