With More Weed, More Recovery

Weed is now advertised on billboards, available for home delivery, analyzed and praised like fine wine, even served at weddings. Instead of buying from furtive dealers, people stroll into pot emporiums as curated and immaculate as a Whole Foods. Cannabis is part of the everyday social fabric, as unremarkable as a cold beer on a hot day.

But we all know people who enjoy weed too much. Just like life’s other great indulgences — booze, pizza, ice cream — cannabis has its limits. It’s possible to overdo it, and some people hold their THC better than others.

Fortunately, the East Bay has plenty of options for people seeking treatment for marijuana addiction, or who simply want to cut back. Kaiser, Alta Bates-Summit, and the Alameda County Health System all offer a full array of services for those trying to quit weed: Inpatient, outpatient, one-on-one drug treatment counseling, classes and drop-in group meetings.


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