Stressed Out? 6 Tips to Help Manage Being a Lawyer

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The stress in Biglaw can push someone to their absolute limit. The work demands of successful attorney have not changed much in 25 years – hours spanning from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. When you factor in your daily commute and getting ready in the morning, how much time does that leave you for yourself? If you bill 2,000 hours, you are likely working 2,500 hours.   If you are a gunner and bill 2,800 hours, you are likely single and working weekends. You also can’t forget that sleep takes up about 7 hours of your 24-hour day, as well. You probably have a measly 3.5 hours a day for personal time, if that – which is likely further siphoned by chores, errands, etc.

Biglaw has many rewarding aspects to it, but many lawyers can agree,

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