Could cannabis clubs come to Durango?

Durango marijuana enthusiasts have almost a dozen places to buy cannabis, but there aren’t any public venues to consume it. That may change next year, but only if city leaders decide, or are prodded by residents, to do so.

Colorado lawmakers passed a law this year allowing marijuana hospitality establishments, or cannabis consumption clubs, across the state. The rule changes Colorado Constitutional Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana, by overriding a state ban against smoking in commercial establishments and affording businesses and governments an opportunity to monetize consumption of cannabis.

But local governments must opt-in to the measure and have the ability to craft their own rules and regulations concerning cannabis consumption clubs, said Kevin Bommer, executive director of the Colorado Municipal League. The state law allows for cannabis consumption in approved clubs, dispensary and lounge combinations or eateries where marijuana consumption is allowed separate from normal operations.

Local governments could decide to

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