Cannabis Isn’t Some Magical Anti-Cancer Agent…But It Might Help

Cannabis has been demonized for decades due to the potential psychoactive actions associated with the plant’s recreational use.

However, some ground-breaking research has found that it is also possible that phytocannabinoids (the active compounds found in cannabis) can be safe and beneficial when taken in moderation. That is, so long as there is a good balance of all the different types of phytocannabinoids included in the drug consumed.

Furthermore, an emerging body of research has given rise to claims that these molecules also attack cancer cells.

Cannabis for Cancer

Conclusions have been made in conjunction with the assessment of cannabis as an adjunctive treatment for the negative effects of conventional cancer treatment. Coincidentally, cannabis’ status as an illegal or antisocial substance is rapidly abating in some countries, most notably in the United States.

Some proponents of the evolving legal cannabis industry are now promoting the drug as the next big thing in cancer treatment.


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