Introducing Hemp Depot’s Cibadol Zero: One of the First CBD Line of Products That Contains Zero THC

As CBD becomes a larger part of the consumer landscape, many people and firms are now looking for the security of a CBD product option that contains absolutely no THC or its intoxicating effects.

Colorado (PRWEB) September 12, 2017

Cibadol, a division of Hemp Depot, known for its production and distribution of consistent, high-quality and potent CBD supplements since 2015, announces a game-changing evolution in CBD: the new “Cibadol Zero,” a product line that contains absolutely no THC.

Cibadol Zero products were unveiled earlier this month and are already the focus of growing demand, says company co-founder Andy Rodosevich.

“Individuals and companies have been coming to us for some time, asking for a CBD product that is THC-free,” he adds. “These are people and groups that appreciate the benefits of CBD but also have to deal with issues such as industrial drug testing for THC. The Cibadol Zero products are meant

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