Here’s a quick overview on the process of extracting cannabis to infuse in beer

Photo credit: Wisnu Adi Kurniawan 

For the recreational user, the combination of cannabis and beer is a rare opportunity that’s usually too good to pass up. For a craft brewery, it’s an untapped goldmine that only a handful of brands have the resources, equipment and know-how to address. There is no reason to believe that cannabis-infused beer is new. People have been experimenting with beer for at least 10,000 years, so it’s virtually guaranteed that this idea has been explored before.

However, there is a difference between setting up an experimental homebrew and creating a satisfying, commercially viable beverage in a large-enough volume to earn a profit. Craft brewery professionals looking toward the second option will need to familiarize themselves with the cannabis infusion process and its regulatory environment.

How does cannabis-infused beer

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