CBD Oil for Seizures? Yes, New Study Show Significant Improvements!


Cannabidiol (CBD) has become increasingly popular due to its high potency and medical efficacy. According to a University of Alabama, Birmingham study CBD oil epilepsy study overseen by the Food and Drug Administration, conducted a clinical trial with patients that used CBD oil for seizures felt a lot better and experienced fewer seizures. Also, CBD also proved useful for epileptic patients with treatment-resistant conditions. CBD oil for seizures and CBD for seizures are both popular topics in the modern-day medical field.


CBD research

CBD research

Furthermore, as reported in the Epilepsy and Behaviour journal; patients that used CBD oil for seizures in children experienced seizures less frequently. Additionally, when seizures did occur they were not as severe as usual, as well as CBD oil for seizures in adults results was quite significant. 

The results that were featured in

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