IWSR report: Legal cannabis poses a long-term risk to all alcoholic beverage categories in the US

Think about it. Photo credit: © Djama86

Over the last 40 years, IWSR has built up the world’s largest database on the beverage alcohol market. It claims to understand the market, category and brand performances of products in 157 countries across the world using local market input. Occasionally, IWSR releases market reports, and occasionally we run those market reports because we find them interesting and insightful. Here’s one right now!

Though legal cannabis is currently only a fraction of comparable alcohol sales, a newly published study shows that the risk to beverage alcohol is expected to expand as cannabis acceptance and consumption grows, particularly among beer and spirits drinkers. The report also notes that Millennial consumers represent 45 percent of “dualists” (those who consume both cannabis and alcohol), which is a sobering statistic for beverage

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