Cannabiniers and its weed beer Two Roots Brewing plan to roll very large (even sponsor a pro US sports team)

Cannabiniers Two Roads BrewingCannabiniers, the San Diego-based cannabis management brand, continues to light it up. Right now the company’s portfolio of products are as diverse as beer and tea and creams and vaporizes all with a focus on hemp, CBD, cannabis and fine times. The company is also specifically looking to become America’s first famous THC beer brand.

Cannabiniers caught our collective attention last year when it announced the launch of Two Roots Brewing Co. in Nevada, and what it called the world’s first line of non-alcoholic cannabinoid infused beers or “cannabiers.” A few months later, Cannabiniers announced it was looking to be the first real player to distribute cannabier across the United States, and time was of the essence. Here’s Tim Walters, Cannabiniers chief operating officer, in a press release from last year:

“Last week’s

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