Camel City Hemp: Winston-Salem’s new health-conscious hemp dispensary

Camel City Hemp co-owner Adam Combs brewed me a piping hot cup of his United States-grown and manufactured hemp cannabidiol (CBD) tea only moments after I walked into the sleek and modern brick-and-mortar located at 1039 Burke St. in Winston-Salem. It was CBD-infused organic German Chamomile tea with a dash of all-natural honey. And after 15 minutes of steeping, I enjoyed its smooth flavor and calming effect.

“That is 30 milligrams of water-soluble hemp CBD isolate,” Combs explained. “It is organic, German Chamomile and it has Theanine in it, which relaxes and focuses the brain.”

Combs said all of his consumable products are non-psychoactive, 100 percent legal hemp CBD and contain either zero or less than the legal 0.3 percent limit of THC. He said he recommends the tea to his clients in the evening after a long day on their feet. He boasted that other companies out there

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