A guide to common CBD side effects

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ‘wonder’ compound in cannabis, better known by its acronym CBD has taken both the United States and Canada by storm, and is slowly expanding its reach in other countries.

Hemp-derived CBD that forms the foundation of medical marijuana has helped numerous patients across the legal states. Seeing the overwhelming results, other conservative states are also planning measures to adopt effective medical marijuana programs which could help address diseases/conditions that traditional medicines have failed to treat.

CBD products in the market often enjoy rave reviews and are generally deemed safe by physicians and consumers alike. However, exceptions are everywhere. A few patients have reported facing a number of side-effects after consuming CBD, although those may purely be because of the synthetic additives, toxic hemp (usually sourced from Asia and some European countries) or reaction to medicines a patient is already taking.

The root cause of CBD fear

The real reason

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