Global Cannabis Industry Positioning to be World’s Most Lucrative Sector

PALM BEACH, Florida, May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past couple of years the increasing consumer demand for medical and legal recreational cannabis has been growing and more and more governments are steadily moving to full legalization. A report from the Green Fund stated: “The global cannabis market is thought to be worth USD$150 billion today. Barclays, in their European Consumer Staples Report in September 2018, suggests that this figure could increase to USD$272 billion by 2028. The UN estimates that approximately 3.9% of the global adult population, or 190 million people, are cannabis users (vs. 1 billion smokers). The highest prevalence of cannabis users was found to be from Europe, followed by the US and the Oceania Region. Although small, the Oceania Region is considered significant given its access to the Asia Pacific region.” The report continued: “Despite the sharp divides

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