Ty Outlaw charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession

Officer, you’ve been a cop in blacksburg for (however long the cop said when the DA was fellating the cop’s experience to make him seem hermagerd experienced. They always do this, even when they shouldn’t. They simply can’t not.).

And obviously you’ve been around for some sporting events?

Like football?

And basketball?

Do you ever work while games are going on?

Have you worked any basketball games this season?

You’re aware the basketball team’s had a good year?

In fact, they played in the NCAA tournament?

Are you aware of the site they played their first weekend games?

Are you aware that was San Jose?

Are you aware that San Jose is in California?

Are you aware that San Jose California is 87766556324 or whatever miles from Blacksburg?

Are you aware that the basketball team left blacksburg for San Jose on 3/20?

Are you aware that they won their first round game?

And that was on Friday 3/22?

They then played again on Sunday 3/24?


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