Muzzling The Benefits Of CBD-Rich Cannabis Is Censorship

“CBD cannabis oil has become a really hot commodity lately.”

So says Sal Chan, who works at the Green Panda medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Vancouver, which sells a variety of cannabis oils.

In fact, CBD-dominant strains of cannabis are the new go-to remedy for medical marijuana patients who don’t want to get “stoned”.

That’s because therapeutic forms of CBD-rich cannabis are now being bred to be virtually free of the mood-altering chemical, THC.

Yet Canada’s federal government is refusing to let the nation’s legal cultivators of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis spread the word about the CBD-rich kind.

This is in spite of the fact that the chemical CBD (also known as cannabidiol) provides some of marijuana’s most sought-after healing powers, according to medical studies.

This legislative dogma is due to Ottawa’s insistence that legal cannabis growers refrain from making any marketing claims about their products —

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