CBD-infused treats: Are there health benefits for your pets?

New dog treats on the market that claim to help hyperactivity and joint pain in animals is sparking controversy. The treats are infused with cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

For pet owners like Julie, keeping her animals happy and healthy is crucial, not just for them, but for her, too. She has epilepsy and her two dogs are her service animals.
Foxy is 19 years old and Daisy is 14.

“She has saved my life and has woken me up when I have had a seizure,” Julie says. “And she is underneath me, licking my face and both have woken me up.”

She credits their good health to CBD oil and infused dog treats.

“They are not going to get high,” Julie says. “What they are going to do is get beautiful shiny coats. Be more playful and feel better.”

CBD is said to be an anti-inflammatory to help aid in

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