New Hemp Bills, MMFLA Rules, And Amendments To Prop 1 Drive Interest In Lansing Cannabis Business…

micbd conference michigan

In one week the legislature introduced bills to radically alter the language of the marijuana legalization proposal, advanced bills to establish and regulate a hemp industry in Michigan and a state agency asked permission to allow home grown cannabis to be sold in MMFLA stores in an effort to guarantee access to marijuana supplies to patients across the state.

Fortunately the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group is hosting a conference this Sunday featuring the state’s most knowledgeable individuals on these and other cannabis-related subjects. Those experts include the Director of the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, 2019’s top Democrat in the House of Representatives, a lobbyist, a CPA, social justice and stock market professionals.

“Senate Bill 1243 is a lengthy and deceptive mess,” said Rick Thompson of the MICBD Group, mentioning the bill to amend the marijuana legalization law to eliminate home

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