Desalination leading to deadly lack of magnesium – HEALTH & SCIENCE – The Jerusalem Post

Although desalination of drinking water has the benefit of reducing sodium in Israeli fruits and vegetables, it has also cuts the amount of essential magnesium by some 30%.

This is bad news, as an estimated 4,000 Israelis are already dying each year due to inadequate levels magnesium in their bodies – nearly 10 times the number of deaths from road accidents – and the amount in potable water is declining as the desalinization of sea water continues to increase.

The mineral is vital to health because it maintains the heartbeat and thus prevents heart attacks. It also reduces the risk of stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

Without magnesium from natural sources, the public has no way to bring their levels up to the recommended amount without taking expensive supplements. And given the reduction of magnesium in fresh produce, they cannot eat

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