Thanks To CBD, You’d Never Know NYC Model and DJ Chelsea Leyland Has Epilepsy

Brooklyn-based DJ Chelsea Leyland is prominent in New York’s art and fashion communities, trots the globe playing international music festivals, and graces the pages of magazines like Vogue and Nylon. Both stunning and articulate with a strong-willed commitment to living life on her own terms, Leyland is a far cry from what you might expect of someone with an incurable illness. The stylish creative-turned-influencer also happens to be an epileptic and, on account of that, a rising cannabis activist. But she’s careful, as she says, not to let her condition define her.

Living in New York by way of London, Leyland has access to medical marijuana, vaping high-CBD oil to treat her epilepsy. In the fewer than two years since she began using cannabis, she hasn’t experienced any seizures. “There was this overwhelming feeling of groundedness and wholeness like this is what must it feel like not having epilepsy,” Leyland,

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