Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed 10-K | Thorold News

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed 10-K with SEC. Read ‘s full filing at 000155837019001742.

We believe Zygel may provide an effective treatment for FXS based on its capacity to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is compromised in patients with FXS. Specifically, CBD modulates the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting the metabolism (breakdown) of 2-AG and anandamide. This inhibition is thought to result in increased anandamide and 2-AG availability, greater CB1 and CB2 activation, and increased synaptic plasticity. This modulation is the scientific basis for the use of CBD in the treatment of FXS. We anticipate Zygel may be used as first line therapy to treat patients suffering from behavioral symptoms of FXS. Phase 2 Clinical Trials In September 2017, we released the results for our open-label exploratory Phase 2 clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Zygel in children with FXS, which

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