Who will be the McDonald’s of Weed Dispensaries?

One of the perks we enjoy from writing our once-a-week article on cannabis investing is the amount of first-time investors that reach out to us as a result. We try and use this opportunity to remind these eager investors that their road to riches probably doesn’t involve “buying marijuana stocks“. The lion’s share of money to be made in legalized cannabis will be realized by startups that are guided by experienced entrepreneurs.

Most people don’t “get rich in stocks” because they bought some over-the-counter (OTC) 10-bagger on the right side of a pump-and-dump, but rather because they accumulated boring stocks like MMM, JNJ, or PG. Listening to an earnings call for one of these companies is as about exciting as an insurance seminar but these companies have made many people rich. One such company is McDonalds.

McDonalds is an instantly identifiable brand: seeing golden arches or Ronald

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