Add-On Cannabidiol for Treatment-Resistant Drop Seizures in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Cannabidiol is a safe, tolerable, and effective short-term adjunct treatment option for patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome-associated drop seizures whose disease does not respond adequately to antiepileptic drugs, according to findings from a randomized, double-blind trial published in the Lancet.

Patients with treatment-resistant Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and associated drop seizures were included in this trial (N=171). Participants were treated at 24 different centers across the United States, Poland, and The Netherlands and had evidence of slow (3 Hz) spike-and-wave patterns on electroencephalogram. In addition, participants had clinical evidence of 1 generalized seizure type for ≥6 months, had no response to ≥2 antiepileptic drugs (median, 6 drugs), and had ≥2 drop seizures per week during a 4-week baseline period. Using baseline data, the investigators evaluated the change in monthly drop seizure frequency for each participant at 14 weeks.

Investigators randomly assigned participants to receive either 20 mg/kg oral cannabidiol daily (n=86) or

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