Combined Technologies Now Offers Compliance Packaging Solutions for CBD Products

Products containing CBD, or cannabidiol, are officially legal in most states across the country. Oils, tinctures, and even candies containing this powerful and generally recognized as safe alternative to pharmaceuticals can be found in specialty shops and even convenience stores across the nation. If you manufacture CBD products or if you’re considering entering the market, you’ll need compliant packaging – and that’s where Combined Technologies truly excels.

Understanding CBD Compliant Packaging

All states have similar but different requirements for what CBD packaging must contain. For example, in numerous states, selling or possessing any CBD product with a concentration of 0.03% or more of THC – considered a schedule 1 substance by the US government – is a crime. Thus, all the products sold in these states must contain less than this concentration and they must be independently tested for verification of that concentration.

Until recently, the guidelines surrounding CBD packaging were

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