Oregon’s Hard Road for a Moderate Republican

Following the money could be the key to understanding the race, Duffy says. If national Democrats feel the need to start spending heavily in Oregon, she would likely move Cook’s rating of the race to “toss-up” from “likely Democratic,” its current designation.

But at the moment, Brown’s funding advantage is a substantial one. “Right now, she can just match him and do a little bit better than him, and it’s like a big kid holding off a little kid by putting their hand on his forehead,” Moore says.

Brown’s campaign expressed confidence in their ability to win in November, noting the governor’s record in public service, the Democratic-leaning national environment, and a belief that Buehler could be portrayed as a relatively right-wing candidate who is out of touch with the state. Christian Gaston, Brown’s communications director, said Brown’s no-nonsense public image could help her. “At the

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