Why Do Supreme Court Nominees Have ‘Sherpas’?

Few Americans have many interactions with real-life Sherpas (except, perhaps, if you shop for outdoor gear at the Tent Trails store in Manhattan, where an experienced Sherpa guide named Serap Jangbu works, as revealed in a fascinating Deadspin profile). Despite that lack of familiarity—or perhaps because of it—the word sherpa has become a trendy word in business circles for people marketing themselves as experienced guides of various kinds. As Vickie Elmer wrote for Quartz in 2013, the corporate world now has “strategy sherpas,” “ideas sherpas,” “Human Resources Sherpas,” “startup sherpas,” and “social media sherpas.”  “What sounds unusual or noteworthy to consultants and coaches,” Elmer writes, “sounds disrespectful to some Sherpas who object to their heritage being appropriated as a branding tool or title.”

Something similar has happened to the word

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