For Potential in Fragile X, Tetra and Shionogi Team Up to Advance BPN14770

A new collaboration between Tetra Discovery Partners and Shionogi Co. is aimed at accelerating the development of an innovative treatment called BPN14770 for fragile X syndrome and other disorders in strategic Asian markets.

Valued at up to $160 million, the deal is expected to enable clinical-stage biotechnology firm Tetra to complete its ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial (NCT03569631) of BPN14770 in fragile X. It also provides funding for the start of a Phase 2 trial of the therapy in Alzheimer’s patients by early this year. Phase 1 was completed in April 2016.

BPN14770 is an investigational small molecule treatment that inhibits the phosphodiesterase type-4D (PDE4D) enzyme linked to memory formation and learning processes, as well as to neuroinflammation and traumatic brain injury.

Designed to enhance early and advanced stages of memory formation, the agent targets disorders characterized by cognitive and memory

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