Cannabinoids May Be Effective as Adjunctive Treatment for Refractory Epilepsy

A reasonable proportion of patients with epilepsy who have received treatment with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) products along with antiepileptic drugs have experienced a decrease in seizure frequency, despite the likely occurrence of minor adverse events (AEs), according to the results of a systematic review of controlled and observational evidence published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

The primary study outcome was the proportion of patients who experienced a ≥50% reduction in seizure frequency. Secondary outcomes included the proportion of patients who attained complete seizure freedom, quality-of-life indicators (eg, changes in mood, behavior, sleep, attention, and speech, and cognitive, social, and motor skills), and study withdrawal (because of AEs and serious AEs [SAEs]). Of the studies analyzed, a total of 36 were identified — 6 randomized, controlled trials and 30 observational studies. Mean age of the participants was 16.1 years (range, 0.5-55 years).

In 2 of the randomized, controlled

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