Phase 1 Trial in Australia to Test Safety of Emerald’s Cannabidiol-based EHP-101

The launch of a Phase 1 clinical study to test the safety of Emerald Health PharmaceuticalsEHP-101, a cannabidiol-based oral formulation, in healthy volunteers has been announced.

EHP-101 is a potential treatment for scleroderma and multiple sclerosis. The drug was designed to enhance the effectiveness of cannabidiol, the active ingredient of marijuana, and help curb neuroinflammation, control myelination of the central nervous system, and ease fibrosis or tissue scarring throughout the body.

The two-part, randomized study (ACTRN12618001390279p) will take place in Australia.

In the first part of the trial, the company hopes to enroll up to 64 healthy volunteers who will receive a single increasing dose of EHP-101 (between 0.91 and 200 mg) or a placebo. Depending on the drug’s tolerability profile, the second part of the study will include up to 40 volunteers who will receive increasing oral doses of

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