CBD Treatment Case Dravet Syndrome

In recent years, we have seen some extraordinary results related to the use of CBD for treatment and therapy in a variety of different health conditions. However, there is one particular condition that perhaps sits atop the pyramid as far as the sense of dramatic relief related to CBD use:  Dravet Syndrome.

Understanding Dravet Syndrome

While our understanding of Dravet syndrome is still in its early stages, we are developing an increasingly rich understanding of the symptomology associated with this extremely rare condition.

The most important symptoms are to be found in difficulty walking as expressed through an unsteady gait and problems with the balance, generalized deficits in the motor system, possible behavioral disorders and cognitive impairment, and acute sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights such as one might see in those afflicted with autism.

CBD and Dravet Syndrome

The data we have seen is highly supportive of

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