Berkeley boy was ‘Patient X’ in marijuana-based drug trial

SAN FRANCISCO — They called him Patient X.

The Berkeley boy had his first epileptic seizure when he was 4, and after that, they kept coming, up to 100 a day. His desperate parents tried a barrage of two dozen medications, plus a high-fat medical diet and autoimmune therapy.

But nothing worked — not until a British company let him try a marijuana-based drug.

Sam Vogelstein, now 17, was the only patient in an early test that was unheard of in medical circles. The high-concentration cannabidiol strain had never been given to children and was illegal in the United States, even though the drug had been stripped of its high-inducing chemical.

It worked. And now, after six years and a clinical trial led by the University of California at San Francisco, the drug is available for others. On June 25, the U.S. Food and

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