The Good Doctor

His product was called Preleve, an herbal blend that included curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric and a natural anti-inflammatory. The key factor was making sure the herb was pure and water-soluble, so it could be efficiently absorbed by humans.

“You can take curcumin all day long,” says Martin. “But unless you have a good water-soluble source, the curcumin doesn’t work.”

Martin was also interested in making an extra-strength version of Preleve that contained cannabidiol (CBD). Through his research, the doctor learned the human body has double the amount of receptors for cannabis than it does for narcotics, making CBD a compelling alternative for pain relief. However, just like curcumin, cannabidiol isn’t water-soluble.

“If you take cannabinoid extract in the form of an oil and drop it into a glass of water, you’re going to see it just sits on top of the water,” says Jesse Lopez, CEO of SourceOne

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