Does CBD Help Kids With Autism? New Clinical Trial Aims to Find Out

For example, there are oppositional behaviors that can turn a common request, like washing the dishes, into a screaming match.

Dr. Igor Grant, director of CMCR, said that while some parents of autistic children already use CBD as a calming aid, this study could help back up anecdotal evidence with hard science.

“Some people have thought that anxiety may play a role in this, in the autistic child,” said Grant. “We don’t know that for sure. And to that extent, CBD might affect that anxiety channel, or other kind of chemical properties in the brain.”

While details of the clinical trial are still being ironed out, it’s thought that the study will focus on around 30 school-age children, ages 6-12.

The trial would split the children into two groups, with one half given CBD and the other

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