A Mysterious Syndrome in Which Marijuana Users Become Violently Ill Is Worrying Researchers

Mrs. X knew something was wrong when she burned herself in the bath for the third time.

The Australian woman – whose experience was documented anonymously in a published case study – had experienced sudden and severe episodes of illness for nine years.

She’d get nauseous and a feel like the room was spinning, which was followed by violent vomiting and severe stomach pains. As it turned out, she had a mysterious syndrome that doctors are only now beginning to recognise.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, appears to occur in people who use marijuana frequently for years. Aside from quitting marijuana, there are no known treatments.

Mrs. X told her doctors that soothing herself with a warm bath was like magic – her symptoms seemed to melt away into the warm tub. But as soon as the water began to cool, her symptoms creeped back.

It felt like she couldn’t get the water hot enough.

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